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Saint Etienne – Western Wind / Tankerville (1994)


In February 1994, Saint Etienne released Tiger Bay, their third studio LP on Heavenly Records. Band member Bob Stanley referred to the album as “an album of modern folk songs done in twentieth century styles like techno and dub”. Quite amazingly, the powers that be decided to drop the ‘Western Wind’/ ‘Tankerville’ suite from the American edition on Warner Bros. While the delivery of ‘Western Wind’ maintains the essence of a traditional English folk song, the shift into trip hop of ‘Tankerville’ was incredibly current.

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Blur – To The End (1994)


Blur 1994

On this side of The Pond, Blur’s third album Parklife had such an impact. In 1994, it sounded like the quintessential Britpop album. Part concept, part social commentary, the album did more to define Britpop than all that followed. For all the the happy-chappy singalongs, nestled at the heart of the album was ‘To The End’. Slightly sophisticated, slightly psychedelic, and ever so slightly sounding like Saint Etienne, the band would revisit the same style with their classic ‘The Universal’ from the following LP The Great Escape. Have a great weekend. 

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Neil Young – Only Love Can Break Your Heart (1970)


Neil Young again

Off his 1970 album After the Gold Rush, ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’ was written for Graham Nash after his split from Joni Mitchell. Nash was Neil Young’s previous bandmate; Mitchell was a colleague who shared the same manager. That intimacy was originally lost on me when introduced to the song through Saint Etienne’s cover 20 years later. Have a great weekend. And Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Saint Etienne – Nothing Can Stop Us Now (1991)

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By way of some soothing respite from hardcore punk, here’s Saint Etienne and their much-loved long player Foxbase Alpha. ‘Nothing Can Stop Us’ has that early 1990s dance sound mixed in with pure bubblegum pop. It features a very prominent slice of Dusty Springfield (‘I Can’t Wait Until I See My Baby’s Face‘) and it worked to a tee. Great memories.

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