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Fleetwood Mac – Oh Well (1969)

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Before Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham joined Fleetwood Mac in 1974, ‘Oh Well’ was the only Fleetwood Mac song that created a ripple in the U.S. Penned by the late great Peter Green, it was one of his last contributions to the band before he became another casualty of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. Well actually, it wasn’t so much the sex and rock’n’roll that caused his breakdown in 1970. Until then, he’d had a great run as a revered guitarist with impeccable credentials, having replaced Eric Clapton in John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers before forming Fleetwood Mac in 1967. The stop and start technique of ‘Oh Well’ inspired Jimmy Page to do the same thing on ‘Black Dog’. Now that’s influence. R.I.P. Peter Green, who died on Saturday. Have a great weekend.

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Melody Gardot – My One and Only Thrill (2009)


The haunting sound of Melody Gardot. For her second studio album, Gardot mined a dark piano jazz style, and no more so than on the title track. Critics’ references to a blue-eyed Nina Simone are very complimentary, but not that unfathomable. My One and Only Thrill was released on the Verve label in 2009.

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Led Zeppelin – Babe I’m Gonna Leave You (1968)


Led Zeppelin 1968

Now for the real thing. The first song (‘Good Times Bad Times’) on Led Zeppelin’s self-titled debut may have introduced the band’s confident and unique sound, but what followed did something more. While it sounded like another evil-woman blues “ramble”, Jimmy Page and gang had in fact selected and transformed a Joan Baez record for the second track. ‘Babe I’m Gonna Leave You’ would draw on folk music and give them the confidence to do so again and again, however heavy their journey became. Zep… what a great way to mark my 1000th post.” And I know that one day, baby, it’s gonna really grow, yes it is.”

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Taj Mahal – Queen Bee (1997)


Taj Mahal too

Taj Mahal has the cool and that’s why this is a third feature in this blog. But ‘Queen Bee’ is the first of the three he penned himself and the only one that he wrote for his 1997 album Señor Blues – a journey through some of his favourite blues styles. As with much his great work, he’s able to blend his influences seamlessly – in this case blues and reggae. Say it’s so, Taj, your queen bee rock you to your soul.

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Fleetwood Mac – Need Your Love So Bad (1968)

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Peter Green

Another cover, another fantastic job. During the late 1960s boom in British blues, guitarist Peter Green took his Fleetwood Mac to the UK’s top spot with the instrumental ‘Albatross’. The signature tune would feature on their long player The Pious Bird Of Good Omen. The album opens with ‘Need Your Love So Bad’ – a song originally delivered by ‘Fever’ legend Little Willie John. Blues!

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