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John Legend ‎- Ordinary People (2005)


I was reminded of John Legend’s talent during a recent re-watch of La La Land. In 1998, Legend played piano on Lauryn Hill’s ‘Everything Is Everything’. He became best buddies with Kanye West, culminating in a number of collaborations and his own record deal in 2004. By the end of that year he had put out his debut album, Get Lifted. The album was very nostalgic for the sounds of Sly Stone, Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers and others. ‘Ordinary People’ was the album’s second single; it features an honesty that Withers would have been proud of and keyboards that Wonder could have penned and played.

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The White Stripes – My Doorbell (2005)


Good morning peeps. The classic ‘My Doorbell’ was The White Stripes’ second single from their album Get Behind Me Satan. Enjoy and have a good week.

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The Go! Team – We Just Won’t Be Defeated (2005)


A year after The Go! Team released Thunder Lightning Strike, they produced a remixed version of the album due to sample approvals/clearance etc. It was a masterstroke by the Brighton band, particularly because ‘We Just Won’t Be Defeated’ appeared on the disc. Have a great weekend.

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Danger Doom – Space Ho’s (2005)


Evening folks. Much later than planned, I give you Danger Doom and another track off their classic 2005 album The Mouse & The Mask. With its most excellent sample of ‘Keith Mansfield’s Morning Broadway’, Danger Mouse and MF Doom collaborate with Space Ghost on ‘Space Ho’s’. SG was keen to point out it ain’t “Doom Coast to Coast” just yet. Have a great week.

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Giya Kancheli – She is Here (2005)

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I stumbled across this short but touching piece of music the other day. Giya Kancheli’s ‘Is Aq Aris’ features on his 2005 release Music for Film and Theater. Due to its brevity, many have tried to elongate the Georgian composer’s work by knitting together multiple copies of the recording.

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Mew – Special (2005)

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A decade earlier, south of Malmö, Jonas Bjerre, Bo Madsen, Johan Wohlert and Silas Utke Graae Jørgensen were also tapping an older sound. The Danish quartet released their album And The Glass Handed Kites in 2015. It featured the single ‘Special’ – a slice of pure 1990s alt rock.

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Broadcast – Corporeal (2005)


Shortly before they released their 2005 album Tender Buttons, Broadcast had reduced to a duo. This change brought about a more stripped-back sound. On ‘Corporeal’, Trish Keenan and James Cargill create a pulsing beat and bass line that reminds me of the work of Yo La Tengo, albeit a touch more sultry. Have a great week.

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Richmond Fontaine – The Warehouse Life (2005)



Last Friday, I went to a Richmond Fontaine gig in London. Love songs, art songs, folk songs, smart songs, Willy Vlautin’s narration always sounds like a man ruminating about modern life. The flannel shirt helps that impression. It is what alt-country should sound like before Jeff Tweedy turned it on its head. ‘The Warehouse Life’ was the opening track on 2005 album The Fitzgerald.

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The Felice Brothers – Her Eyes Dart Round (2006)

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Iantown was the first album pressing released by The Felice Brothers, but really it was the work of Ian Felice plus. However, the acoustic guitar and folk country set the tempo of what was to follow for the band. The album is out of print, but the track ‘Her Eyes Dart Round’ can also be found on their 2012 collection of home-recorded songs. God Bless You, Amigo.

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Guillemots – Trains To Brazil (2005)

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We kick the week off with 2005, the year that the Guillemots released ‘Trains to Brazil’ as an advanced single from their 2006 album Through the Windowpane. For a song that makes reference to Jean Charles de Menezes’ fatal journey on the London Underground, the sound is remarkably upbeat. Have a great week.

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Röyksopp – What Else Is There? (2005)


Röyksopp 2005

Röyksopp were in their pomp in 2005. ‘What Else Is There?’ is the third single from their second album The Understanding. The choice of featuring the vocals of Karin Dreijer Andersson from The Knife was a masterstroke. While she wasn’t the star of the video (that spot had been reserved for Norwegian model Marianne Schröder), her Cyndi Lauper impression steals the show.

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9 of the best – sounds of 2005

I featured a few tracks from 2005 this week, but none of them made the cut. And so, in no particular order…

Kanye West feat. Adam Levine – Heard ‘Em Say

Sufjan Stevens – John Wayne-Gacy Jr

Sigur Rós – Hoppípolla

Brakes – You’re So Pretty

Arcade Fire – Wake Up

Spoon – The Beast And Dragon Adored

Arctic Monkeys – I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor

Okkervil River – A King And A Queen

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Baby C’Mon


Honourable mentions also go to: Devendra Banhart for ‘Santa Maria Da Feira‘; Gorillaz for ‘Hong Kong‘; Smog for ‘Rock Bottom Riser‘; My Morning Jacket for ‘Wordless Chorus‘; Lindstrom for ‘I Feel Space‘; Dangerdoom for ‘El Chupa Nibre‘; Kelley Stoltz for ‘The Sun Comes Through‘; Super Furry Animals for ‘Zoom!‘; and Little Barrie for ‘Free Salute‘.

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Sufjan Stevens – Concerning The UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois (2005)


Sufjan Stevens 2005

‘Concerning The UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois’ is the opening track from Sufjan Stevens’ 2005 album Illinois. “When the revenant came down/We couldn’t imagine what it was/In the spirit of three stars/The alien thing that took its form/Then to Lebanon, oh, God!/The flashing at night, the sirens grow and grow”. A conceptual song for a conceptual album. Out there. Really out there.


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Super Furry Animals – Zoom! (2005)


Super Furry Animals 2005

In the same year that Conor Oberst sang about the the first day of his life, Gruff Rhys pronounced “I can’t get enough of it/Kiss me with Apocalypse, an instant hit.” ‘Zoom!’ is relatively undemanding for a Super Furry Animals track, despite all of its epic scale. The song did a fantastic job at opening their seventh studio album Love Kraft.

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Bright Eyes – First Day Of My Life (2005)

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Conor Oberst

Back to work today and with family on their holidays. An air of melancholy pervades. ‘First Day Of My Life’ is off Bright Eyes’ 2005 album I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning. Bright Eyes was founded by singer-songwriter and guitarist Conor Oberst – he disbanded them in 2011.

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