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LCD Soundsystem – Call The Police (2017)


LCD Soundsystem have returned in the last week with ‘Call the Police’, a seven-minute ode to the sounds of David Bowie and U2. This is a welcome step off the dancefloor from my perspective. However, Mr James Murphy is evidently upset about something: “Well, there’s a full-blown rebellion but you’re easy to confuse/ By triggered kids and fakers and some questionable views,” he sings. The song is the lead single from the band’s upcoming new album – date and name TBC. Have a great week.

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The Rapture – House of Jealous Lovers (2002)


The Rapture

While Múm were soothing us with sound, the mash-up movement was doing anything but. It had gained a momentum beyond the dance floor by 2002, with the release of the 2 Many DJs album the year before. People were looking to odd music bedfellows. The Rapture’s ‘House of Jealous Lovers’ is a prime example of how something that shouldn’t work, can actually do so when blessed with careful execution. Oodles of cowbell, an incessant bassline, screeching guitars, disco handclaps, wirey vocals and James Murphy on the knob-twiddling = dance-punk. This one will wake you up.

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LCD Soundsystem – All I Want (2010)


LCD Soundsystem

Following the theme of tributes this week, on their/his third and final album This Is Happening, LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy features the Bowie love-in ‘All I Want’. With the familiar sounds of a motorik beat and sliding guitars, Murphy intentionally references Bowie’s Berlin years, which had themselves seen producer Brian Eno develop themes from his own meisterwerk Here Come The Warm Jets. Heroes are not “just for one day”.

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Arcade Fire – Reflektor (2013)

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Arcade Fire Reflektor

Dave and Nick, this is Arcade Fire. Bringing things right up to date, Arcade Fire are letting people (that care) really know that they are about to release the album that is Reflektor . An interactive music video, surprise gigs, coded artwork and rumours that David Bowie will feature on the LP. Well, it’s all true; at around the 5 minute mark, you can hear Bowie add: “Thought you would bring me to the resurrector”. Produced by Bowie aficionado James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem), the title track is a bongo-laden disco number. That’s right, it’s out of nowhere and it’s rather good. And half way through, it gets very good.

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