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Still Corners – The Trip (2013)


London-based duo Still Corners released their song ‘The Trip’ as the first track on their 2013 long player Strange Pleasures. The album does not get any better; Tessa Murray’s voice drifts over waves of Greg Hughes-penned dream pop.

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Jay Som – Baybee (2017)

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It’s been a while sine I’ve featured some contemporary dream pop; so here it is. Musical project Jay Som, the creation of Oakland-based songwriter Melina Duterte, released a new long player, Everybody Works, last month. Duterte also recently commissioned a ski-lift themed video for standout track ‘Baybee’. Now that’s style. Enjoy.

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Cigarettes After Sex – Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby (2012)

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Cigarettes After Sex

Cigarettes After Sex are an ambient pop collective based out of Brooklyn, NY. On ‘Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby’, frontman and singer-songwriter Greg Gonzalez explains that “Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby / As long as you’re with me you’ll be just fine.” The old fool – all sentiment and dream pop.

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Beach House – Lover of Mine (2010)


Beach House again

This week I will revel in some of my favourite acts from the last few years. ‘Lover Of Mine’ is off Beach House’s superlative 2010 album Teen Dream. Victoria Legrand’s vocals recall the haunting sound of Stevie Nicks, all languid and lovelorn. But with the recurring circus-like yamaha organ,’Lover Of Mine’ makes for the dream poppiest track on of the album. Have a great week.

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Metronomy – I’m Aquarius (2013)


Metronomy 2013

This week, Metronomy has released their latest long player and it sounds good, shoop-doop-doop-ah. It’s stripped back, it’s moody, it’s electronic and he’s aquarius. The second track off Love Letters, the song features a synthesised bossa nova and harmony vocals throughout – and they’re sung by drummer Anna Prior, not sequenced. In fact, listening to the album, Joseph Mount and his band have hit a seam of soul, however lo-fi.

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Metronomy – Love Underlined (2011)

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This track kicks off an electronic run-in to the weekend. I love the facts that: these guys are from Totnes; they continue a great tradition in electronic music of self-explanatory, pithy lyrics (e.g. “Our love is underlined, ‘coz she wants it all the time.”); and there is a definite sound of clotted cream about their album ‘English Riviera’. Enjoy the hypnotic ride. Think Yo La Tengo with a spoonful of abandoned carousel.

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