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Papa M – Krusty (2001)


After spending his formative guitar years with Slint, Tortoise and collaborating with Will Oldham, Dave Pajo released the largely unnoticed album Whatever Mortal as Papa M, a solo project of his. The fifth track ‘Krusty’ is an instrumental set over the backdrop of an episode of The Simpsons (Episode #9F13, ‘I Love Lisa’!). The track reminds me of the lo-fi sound of Guided By Voices.

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Palace Songs – Christmastime In The Mountains (1994)

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Will Oldham

Before be became Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Will Oldham recorded under many pseudonyms. As Palace Songs, he released Hope in 1994. The EP includes the fans’ favourite ‘Agnes, Queen of Sorrow’ and the melancholic ‘Christmastime in the Mountains’. The latter opens with the heartbreaking lyric “Should I play ball with the dogs, or should I walk away?”. It’s a forlorn start to the festive week, but it’s a beautiful piece of music and I’m spending Christmastime in the mountains.

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Liam Hayes – Rock & Roll (2013)


Jim Hayes

Roman Coppola’s movie A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III may have received more critical acclaim for its soundtrack than its release. That’s going some when the entire score was written by the lesser known Liam Hayes. The vocalist, pianist and guitarist is a man who has tended to play from behind the curtain. Some may know him for his work with Will Oldham’s Palace; others for his spasmodic recordings under his alias Plush. But all will be surprised by the quality he called off after being approached by Coppola – the director had become a fan of his back catalogue. ‘Rock And Roll’ features midway through the soundtrack. Fans of Jens Lekman and Scott Walker may enjoy.

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Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – I See A Darkness (1999)

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I See a Darkness by “Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy” was Will Oldham’s sixth album. It was Oldhams’ first album under the ‘Prince’ moniker and the alter-ego released something dark indeed. The title track is a masterclass in despair. The only sign of light is that this man has a friend, who might just be able to see him through the gloom. But that’s about it!

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