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Eric Burdon & War – Spill The Wine (1970)


Ex-Animals frontman Eric Burdon sang the lead on ‘Spill the Wine’. The song was released as a single in May 1970  and was War’s first chart hit. Paul Thomas Anderson used in the movie Boogie Nights as part of a pool party scene. R.I.P. Burt.

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War – Ballero (1973)

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I hear ‘Ballero’ and I think of the Soul Train Line Dance, which you can see here. Some of the line moves and outfits are pure comedy value. War’s Live album was recorded during a 4-day stint in Chicago. ‘Ballero’ was the one track captured during the gigs that was previously unrecorded. It effortlessly captures both their laid-back California vibe and their cross-cultural appeal. It’s pure Latin jam and it just makes me smile. Looking at these guys above – they weren’t thinking Soul Train during this moody shot.

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