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Yello – Lost Again (1983)


Released in 1983, You Gotta Say Yes to Another Excess is Yello’s third album. You can hear the trio’s influence on bands like Pet Shop Boys, The KLF. They would change themselves too; this was the last album to feature all three founding members (Dieter Meier, Boris Blank, Carlos Perón). Perón would get ‘Lost Again’.

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The KLF – Wichita Lineman Was A Song I Once Heard (1990)

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KLF Chill Out

You will notice that I don’t have a country music category. I conveniently call Willie Nelson easy listening and would call Uncle Tupelo americana. I think I must have a problem with the stuff in between. But I love the culture the music calls upon. Having marked the world of house music with their proto-trance tracks of the late 1980s, The KLF agreed and put their single hands to kickstarting a trend for the ambient. Their album Chill Out used house music as an echo to an American journey. (The KLF’s Jim Cauty drove around London in a 1968 Ford Galaxie American police car.) The ‘Wichita Lineman…’ also had humour, reminiscent of Malcolm McLaren. Together with Cauty’s work as The Orb, this brew gave birth to “ambient house” and the ubiquitous Enigma project.

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The KLF – What Time Is Love (1988)

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What’s that I hear… a high tempo electronic hook that rolls repeatedly throughout a house track. Are you sure this is 1988? A whole 4 years before Jam & Spoon set pulses racing with their ‘Stella mix’ of The Age of Love, KLF released this blinding slice of trance. And that that was an eon in the development of house music. In those intervening years, KLF visionaries Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty had become the best-selling and most innovative singles act on the planet. And then in 1992 they deleted their entire back catalogue. Pure Trance – pure style.

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