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Sound Waves – I Wanna Feel The Music (1991)

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After some success with After Hours‘ ‘Waterfalls/Feel It’,  Andrew Richardson teamed up with Sound Waves’ Gijo Rosario and created another deep house classic. Like the best of deep house from that time, the track’s simplicity (organ, vocal loop, hi hats) is what makes it still sound so timeless. The Strictly Rhythm label was on fire.

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Hardrive – Deep Inside (1993)


Little Louie Vega

First released on the Strictly Rhythm label, Hardrive’s ‘Deep Inside’ was in fact written and produced by the one and only Luis Fernando Vager, aka “Little” Louie Vega. Deep, dark and broody, I can almost smell the sweat of the dance floor. As Hardrive, Vega had created a club staple, with a little help from Barbara Tucker on vocals. This was 1993, but the track would be remixed countless times in the years that followed.

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George Morel – Let’s Groove (1993)


George Morel

Trax, Champion, Warp, Junior Boy’s Own… this week has turned into a roll call of some of the seminal, early house record labels. Alarmingly conspicuous by its absence, Strictly Rhythm was integral to the development of the house music that Trax, D.J. International and Transmat had placed at the dance floor altar. By 1993, the culmination of all this artistry was to feature as the final track on George Morel’s Grooves Pt 4. ‘Let’s Groove’ was a high-water mark in progressive house music. Incidentally, it was in 1993 that my interest in the scene tailed off, only for it to return with the release of Etienne De Crécy’s Super Discount and all that French filter house that followed. This has been fun – have a great weekend!

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