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Spiritualized – Shine A Light (1992)


The summer of 1992. Spiritualized released their debut album Lazer Guided Melodies. If you don’t know it, do check it out. ‘Shine A Light’ reassured lovers of Spacemen 3 that Jason Pierce continued his ongoing affinity for the pioneering sounds of The Velvet Underground. Part VU, part space rock, part psych rock, part shoegazing, part…

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Bill Ryder-Jones – There’s Something on Your Mind (2018)


Bill Ryder-Jones latest sounds are more introspective than those that have previously featured on this blog. ‘There’s Something on Your Mind’ is the opening track off his latest album Yawn. It’s been 10 years since this scouser left The Coral and he continues to surprise. What initially sounds like a folk-pop track suddenly breaks out into the screeching guitar chords and feedback bleed from an indie shoegazer’s dream.

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Lift To Experience – Falling From Cloud 9 (2001)



Lift To Experience performed at Austin’s South by Southwest festival in 2000 and by the next year they were signed to Bella Union and releasing a double-disc concept classic The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads. Frontman Josh T. Pearson is the son of a Texan preacher; and the album is replete with Christian references and a wall of sound that has biblical proportions. It was momentous and never to be repeated; the band split shortly thereafter. Last year, to every shoegazing fan’s delight, Elbow’s Guy Garvey convinced them to put on a reunion set at London’s Meltdown Festival.

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Cocteau Twins – Iceblink Luck (1990)

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Cocteau Twins

The Cocteau Twins were Robin Guthrie, Will Heggie and the signature vocals of Elizabeth Fraser. In 1990, they released the charming ‘Iceblink Luck’. As with Lush’s ‘De-Luxe, this was a full year before My Bloody Valentine released the shoegazing manual Loveless. Like Lush, the band was already combining distorted guitars with haunting vocals to great effect. Unlike The Twins, Fraser’s vocals were almost intelligible.

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