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Cappella – Everybody (Hypnotic Cyber Mix) (1991)

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Hands in the air my friends. This track is all about two individuals for me – Gianfranco Bortolotti, the producer behind Cappella, 49ers, Fits Of Gloom and East Side Beat, among others; and Bangor’s very own Sasha, DJ master. Bortolotti provided the Italian stylee house breaks (which now sound a little sown together) and Sasha executed in most of his early 1990s warehouse sets. And to top it off, the Hypnotic Cyber Mix of Cappella’s Everybody was released on the FFRR label when they were hot as. Have a great weekend.
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Indie – Apollonia (1990)

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Tim on Discogs states that ‘Apollonia’ is: “One of my favorite 90’s Italo cuts. That chorus is big. It’s a heck of a hook”. I could not have put it better myself; Sasha certainly thought so too – he would use the euphoric vocal to suspend the unremitting beats of a Shelleys rave. I should know, I heard it on the tapes. (I’ve never been to Stoke in my life.)

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