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David Bowie – It’s No Game (Part 1) (1980)


David Bowie Pierrot

Disconcerting vocals will be a short-lived theme, certainly now that I pull out my ace – David Bowie’s 1980 songbook Scary Monsters (Super Creeps). If you think Billy Corgan and Tom Verlaine can be discordant, check out ‘It’s No Game’ and ‘Kingdom Come’. I discard the latter because it’s actually painful. Whereas ‘It’s No Game’ opens the album, features Robert Fripp on lead guitar and is a damn good song despite Bowie sounding like he is having his intestines pulled out. That last bit came from an NME review. Have a great weekend.

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Ralph Vaughan Williams – The Lark Ascending (1920)

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Vaughan Williams

I notice that I get all too keen to assign a song as being progrock of sorts – the last post’s a case in point. Today’s feature might be a stretch, although Vaughan William’s most English of English pieces plays it part in the progressive canon. ‘The Lark Ascending’ inspired some of the violin parts in the latter half of the track King Crimson’s ‘Larks’ Tongues in Aspic’. You can tell that Robert Fripp was brought up well.

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David Bowie – Right (1975)


Thin White Duke

There was a lot of music memorabilia on TV this Christmas. One broadcast that didn’t have me immediately switching over was ‘Five Years’. An intimate portrait of five key years in David Bowie’s 1970s period, the documentary is hijacked by a handful of Robert Fripp interviews and a fascinating insight into his Thin White Duke phase. While hanging out with Lennon in New York in 1975, he met guitarist Carlos Alomar. Alomar would take him regularly to the legendary Apollo Theater in Harlem where he would meet the unknown Luther Vandross and a number of other session artists that inspired a new form of ‘plastic soul’. It got no better than ‘Right’ that would feature on the B-side of the bigger-but-inferior ‘Fame’ – the song also features on 1975’s Young Americans.

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King Crimson – Starless (1974)

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It’s Prog Rock. It’s ‘Starless’. NOODLE!

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