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Red House Painters – Summer Dress (1995)


Red House Painters 1995

The sun worship does not seem to be working. ‘Summer Dress’ is a much more sober affair. By the time their 1995 album Ocean Beach was released, Mark Kozelek’s introspection dominated the Red House Painters’ output. But as you can hear in ‘Summer Dress’, the melody is there. Have a great weekend.

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Sun Kil Moon – Carry Me, Ohio (2003)


Mark Kozelek

Mark Kozelek is a cheery looking soul. After the demise of the Red House Painters, singer-songwriter Kozelek began recording under the name Sun Kil Moon, in a nostalgic tribute to the boxer Sung-Kil Moon.  Nostalgia is a theme throughout the subsequent album, Ghosts of the Great Highway. In this song, he sings about Ohio – the place, a girl – who knows? He could never care enough.

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Red House Painters – Have you Forgotten? (1996)

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Red House Painters

Red House Painters’ singer-songwriter Mark Kozelek has featured a lot this week, but before I sign off for the weekend, here’s a guilty pleasure. His song ‘Have you Forgotten?’ is sublime, but on viewing the featured YouTube clip, I’m completely distracted by Audrey Tautou. For those that can appreciate the beauty of the song, it is off the Red House Painters’ long player Songs for a Blue Guitar.

This weekend marks the beginning of a holiday hiatus. I’m taking some time out in July, but will return in August. In the meantime, this weekend, I will throw out some decidedly less cultured guilty pleasures. It should set me up for a lot of credibility-mending when Samuelsounds returns, which can only be good.

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Mark Kozelek & Jimmy LaValle – Somehow the Wonder of Life Prevails (2013)


Mark Kozelek & Jimmy LaValle

I heard this track the other week. I was struck. I recognised the voice. It was Mark Kozelek (Red House Painters, Sun Kil Moon), but the setting was different. ‘Somehow the Wonder of Life Prevails’ is off Perils from the Sea, the collaboration with Jimmy Lavelle of Album Leaf. Kozelek’s unique delivery is complemented by an electronic treatment that is modern, textured and suitably plaintive. Glorious, and over 10 mins long. Have a great week.

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