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Everything But The Girl – Night And Day (1982)

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Everything But The Girl

I watched Woody Allen’s ‘Midnight In Paris’ this weekend. It polarises viewers between escapists and those not prepared to suspend belief. At one point, Gil Pender (Owen Wilson as a surrogate Allen) meets Scott Fitzgerald at party at which Cole Porter is playing the music. Fitzgerald pulls Wilson out of the gathering to see his mate Ernest Hemingway at some Bofinger-like brasserie/bar etc. etc. There’s a lot of creativity in there to mull over, but I pick out Cole Porter.  ‘Night And Day’ is probably his greatest contribution to pop music, having been copied or recorded by dozens of artists. Everything But The Girl aced their version in 1982. It was their first single and the samba beat was a master stroke. The photo’s from 1982 too – an image from Richmond, before they got all svelte and sultry.

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