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Above The Law – Untouchable (1990)


Above The Law

So what happened with these breaks? One episode was taking shape under Easy-E’s stewardship in 1989/90. While at Eazy-E’s Ruthless Records, Above the Law became close allies with gangsta rapsters N.W.A. Their first album Livin’ Like Hustlers featured N.W.A. members and production from Dr. Dre. And this was before Dr. Dre’s seminal The Chronic. Gangsta rap was about to become mainstream, funk breaks were being reborn as G-Funk and it was becoming acceptable for white middle class gents to… well a little biddy tells me that this song might feature at a friend’s 40th birthday bash this weekend. I don’t expect to see any Kings and Raiders caps and gold ropes. Have a great w/e.

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