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Phum Viphurit – Long Gone (2017)

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Phum Viphurit is Thai-born, Kiwi-raised and is now living in Bangkok as a solo artist with an acoustic guitar. The combination is infectious…part MacDeMarco, part Haircut 100. He released ‘Long Gone’ as a single back in the summer.

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Mac DeMarco – Chamber of Reflection (2014)


Mac DeMarco’s nod to Shigeo Sekito has already featured is this blog. For his 2014 album, Salad Days, he lifts one of Sekito’s electone organ melody for ‘Chamber of Reflection’. The result is less jizz jazz, more 1980s synth and very appealing.

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Mac DeMarco – This Old Dog (2017)

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Mac DeMarco has announced that he will release a new album This Old Dog in May, his follow-up to 2014’s Salad Days. The album was written and recorded while he was making the move from Queens to L.A. To get his fans salivating, the musician has shared the album’s opening tracks, ‘My Old Man’ and ‘This Old Dog’. If the latter is anything to go by, his journey has brought about a simplified acoustic sound. Have a great weekend.

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Shigeo Sekito – The Word II (1975)

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Sampling/borrowing lives strong in the strangest of places. In 2014, for his album Salad Days, Mac DeMarco used the shimmering “jizz-jazz” electronica of Shigeo Siketo, a Japanese musician who mastered the Electone. In 1975, Siketo released his Special Sound Series Vol. 2 collection on Columbia Records. The second track on the flip-side was ‘ザ・ワードⅡ’, otherwise known as ‘The Word II’. Enjoy – it is a thing of rare beauty.

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Mac DeMarco – Another One (2015)



On the title track of last year’s album Another One, the languid Mac DeMarco contemplates whether another is knocking at the door of his loved one. Like a second part to his introspective ‘Chamber of Reflection’, the song builds on his impressive and explorative diary of common travails. Have a great week.


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Mac DeMarco – Passing Out The Pieces (2014)


Mac DeMarco

Rolling Stone has compared Mac DeMarco’s new album Salad Days to a marriage of Stephen Malkmus and Marc Bolan. This is high praise indeed. In fact, how does a man from Montreal manage to sound like he grew up in post-war Stoke Newington? Enjoy ‘Passing Out The Pieces’.

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