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Lambchop – So Modern And So Tight (2019)

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It feels as if Kurt Wagner is on the final leg of a protracted musical journey. ‘So Modern And So Tight’ is so far removed from the americana of 2000’s Nixon and 2002’s Is A Woman, that it would be unrecognisable as a Lambchop production was it not for Wagner’s voice (albeit via a vocoder). Their new digital work certainly tips its hat to Justin Vernon, but the bands’s honest alt country roots and unexpected tack make the sound more than just derivative.

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Lambchop – Is A Woman (2002)

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Kurt Wagner

‘Is A Woman’ is the title track off Lambchop’s 2002 long player. The album sealed Kurt Wagner’s move away from alt-country. The dry sing-speak voice is the same, but in this single – the closing track on the album – Wagner turns his hand to a touch of reggae. As if Randy Newman was backed by the Wailers.

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Lambchop – Up With The People (2000)

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In 2000, we were on the crest of an americana wave. UK magazine Uncut raved about Lambchop’s  fifth album ‘Nixon’. The mixture of Kurt Wagner vocals and the Bacharach-like string arrangements were a little to smooth for my liking. However, the blend totally worked on ‘Up With The People’. The sound reminded me of the Paul Hardiman produced sounds of the early 1980s – particularly Lloyd Cole‘s early work – and with some gospel thrown in for good measure.

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