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Tame Impala – The Less I Know The Better (2015)


‘The Less I Know the Better’ was released by Tame Impala towards the end of 2015. Selected as the third single off the album Currents, the song flows from Kevin Parker’s love of “dorky disco”.

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Pond – Sweep Me Off My Feet (2017)



‘Sweep Me Off My Feet’ will feature on Pond’s forthcoming psychedelic offering Man It Feels Like Space Again, which arrives in “early 2017”. Once again,  sometime bandmate Kevin Parker is heavily involved, producing the album to obvious sound effect. Pond and Kevin Parker are becoming one.

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Melody’s Echo Chamber – I Follow You (2012)


Mélody Prochet

‘I Follow You’ opens Melody’s Echo Chamber’s eponymous debut album. And what a start it is too – lush guitar hook, melancholic vocals and an overtly psychedelic production. It may sound a little bit like Lush, but this is in fact the musical collision of Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker and My Bee’s Garden’s Melody Prochet. The result was Melody’s Echo Chamber and the collaboration was more than just musical.

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Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Multi-Love (2015)


Unknown Mortal Orchestra 2015

What you can hear in the title track of Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s third album is that Ruban Nielson is full of polyamory. The Kiwi singer-songwriter sings in a falsetto at the Prince-end of the scale to what sounds like the psychedelic overtures of Kevin Parker. The result is a sound that Frank Ocean might have released: “Multi-love got me on my knee/ We were one then become three/ Mama, what have you done to poor me/ Now I’m half-crazy.”

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Tame Impala – Let It Happen (2015)


Kevin Parker

Somewhat unusually, I feature the same band two weeks in a row. But their new single ‘Let It Happen’ is worth it. No lead guitars from the usually psychedelic Tame Impala. At eight minutes long, singer-songwriter Kevin Parker instead delivers a disco workout. Have a great weekend.

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