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Julia Holter ‎- Goddess Eyes (2011)



In 2011, not only did Julia Holter draw on the work of Arthur Russell and Laurie Anderson, but also she had the composure to create something totally original. Her debut album Tragedy features ‘Goddess Eyes’ in all its vocoder-processed glory. “I can see you, but my eyes are not allowed to cry.”

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Julia Holter – Feel You (2015)


Julia Holter 2015

Lady of the moment, Julia Holter released her fourth album Have You in My Wilderness, in September of this year. At the beginning of the year I featured her 2012 single, ‘In The Same Room’. Her sound was good, but not this good. ‘Feel You’ is a jewel of a track. The L.A.-based singer-songwriter push her vocals to the fore and manages to blur the lines between many more styles and influences. Have a great weekend.

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Julia Holter – In The Same Room (2012)


Julia Holter

Before I leave the glorious world of alt, please enter left Julia Holter. Unquestionably, like me, she enjoys the drum machinery of Beach House. Julia Holter’s ‘In the Same Room’ features on her 2012 album Ekstasis…  ambient, electronic, alternative. Have a great weekend.

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