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Jorge Ben – Mas Que Nada (1963)


Jorge Ben Jor 1963

Rio 2016 is here; and I’ve been smitten by Brazilian music ever since I visited their lands 5 years ago. Jorge Duilio Lima Menezes is no newcomer to this blog. For me, it all started with him. For Jorge (Ben), it all started in 1963 with the release of the Samba Esquema Novo. And for listeners to that album, it all starts with the opener ‘Mas Que Nada’ (“But that’s nothing”). The song would help define a certain maracatu samba sound and would end up becoming a signature tune for Sergio Mendes, no less. But all the covers missed the lush arrangements of saxophonist J. T. Meirelles and Ben’s own virtuoso performance on guitar. Have a great week.

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