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Guided By Voices – Hold On Hope (1999)


GBV! GBV! Fans of Guided By Voices will be over the moon that Bob Pollard and pals have released their first double album August By Cake this year, 30 years after their first record. To mark the moment, I feature one of the band’s more accessible tracks; the classic ‘Hold On Hope’ from their 1999 album Do The Collapse. Have a great week.

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Papa M – Krusty (2001)


After spending his formative guitar years with Slint, Tortoise and collaborating with Will Oldham, Dave Pajo released the largely unnoticed album Whatever Mortal as Papa M, a solo project of his. The fifth track ‘Krusty’ is an instrumental set over the backdrop of an episode of The Simpsons (Episode #9F13, ‘I Love Lisa’!). The track reminds me of the lo-fi sound of Guided By Voices.

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