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Grizzly Bear – Knife (2006)

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Ed Droste

It was a year later and more harmonies were flowing. This time it was the music of Ed Droste and his Grizzly Bear. ‘Knife’ is from the band’s second long player, Yellow House. This ladle of sensational psychedelic pop was released as the album’s first single in 2007.

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Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks (2009)


Grizzly Bear image

I am drawn by tunes more than lyrics. For example, I have always thought that Grizzly Bear’s upbeat “Two Weeks” is a song about holiday: “Save up all the days/A routine malaise”. But, the first single from the band’s third album, Veckatimest, is in fact about the slow breakdown of a relationship. The song features Beach House’s Victoria Legrand on backing vocals; that should have been a clue. I’ll stick with my two weeks’ vacation. Have a great week.

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Goran Kajfeš Subtropic Arkestra – Yet Again (2015)

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Goran Kajfeš

Jazz is not easy for me… I’m very particular about what and when I can listen to it. But when I hear enough funk and trumpet to blow all concerns off the floor, then jazz in my friend. ‘Yet Again’ is the last song on Goran Kajfeš’ Subtropic Arkestra’s The Reason Why Vol. 2 – an anticipated follow up to the Grammy-nominated Vol. 1. It’s a cover version of the Grizzly Bear track of the same name. Kajfeš and his orchestra do justice to the track by lacing the music with touches of Ennio Morricone and Balkan psychedelic thang. The Swedish trumpeter is Croatian born. Let the sound breath and listen.

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Grizzly Bear – Cheerleader (2009)


Grizzly Bear 2009

Grizzly Bear had come a long way since their debut album Yellow House was released in 2006. 2009’s Veckatimest was also a much more accessible affair. The single ‘Two Weeks’ may have taken all the plaudits, evidently helped by the backing vocals of Beach House’s Victoria Legrand, but ‘Cheerleader’ is the standout track for me. Its waltz-like groove is a great start to the week.

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Grizzly Bear – Sleeping Ute (2012)


Grizzly Bear

Hello 2013, but again some reflections on 2012. ‘Sleeping Ute’ was the first single off indie experimentalists Grizzly Bear’s fourth studio album Shields. The song contains a Cream-like explosion of guitar energy and thick percussion, a synthesized bounce and the serenity of an acoustic finale. It’s a colourful, modern western of a track.

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