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The Beatles – Something (1969)


‘Something’ was written by George Harrison. John Lennon felt it was the best track on Abbey Road. If that wasn’t high praise enough, it was also Frank Sinatra’s favourite Beatles song and one of those sounds that put this Sceptred Isle on top of the world of pop music. Have a great weekend.

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Francisco Alves – Aquarela do Brasil (1939)

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Francisco Alves

Simply known as ‘Brazil’ once Disney got hold of it in 1942, Ary Barroso’s ‘Aquarela do Brasil’ was first sung by Francisco Alves a few years earlier. It has since become a samba standard covered by the international great and good, including Jimmy Dorsey, Sinatra, João Gilberto, Tom Jobim. I will always associate it with Terry Gilliam’s movie Brazil – it provided the theme throughout. It now provides a start to a week to celebrate the World Cup.

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