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L’Impératrice – Vanille Fraise (2015)


Et maintenant, du pop français pour le weekend. L’Impératrice’s ‘Vanille Fraise’ is a summery mix of French Touch, filter disco and chillout. If that’s not nostalgic enough, the use of a single looped sample (from the opening of Anita Ward’s ‘Spoiled by Your Love’) is like sprinkles on top. Have a great weekend.

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Phoenix – Heatwave (1999)


Today, Phoenix are all mainstream; but back in 1999, they were part of a distinct but influential movement of French house music. Phoenix guitarist Laurent Brancowitz had played alongside Bangalter and De Homem-Christo in their pre-Daft Punk band Darlin’. Phoenix also recorded for Source, a label eternally associated to the French touch genre due to releases by Air and Étienne de Crécy. ‘Heatwave’ was the the band’s second single and there’s no mistaking the filter disco in this one. Today, the track’s chicken-scratch guitar, tight bass and drums are best known as the basis for DB Boulevard’s 2002 single ‘Point of View’.

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Tom Misch – Sunshine (2015)

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Singer-songwriter, producer and DJ, Tom Misch is on an upward trajectory. The London native has an ear for a chilled-out beat. Released in 2015, ‘Sunshine’ features the type of filtered horns and dancefloor-loops that would make a Frenchman smile. Dr Electronic.

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Together ‎- So Much Love To Give (2002)

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Sampling The Real Thing’s very average ‘Love’s Such a Wonderful Thing’, Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk) and Stéphane Quême (DJ Falcon) did something extraordinary in 2002. ‘So Much Love To Give’ featured on every dance floor and spawned so many awful copycat treatments that it near enough killed house music. It certainly served the dominant Roulé label a fitting end to the halcyon days of the French filter house scene. Have a great weekend.

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The Avalanches – Because I’m Me (2016)



Well that’s a relief. The best track on the recent Avalanches album Wildflower is released as a single. ‘Because I’m Me’ is available and wrapped with a ribbon in time for Halloween. The young star in the video has more than a passing resemblance to a young Michael Jackson and the subway station is a familiar setting for both Michael and The Avalanches. Filter disco and rapper Camp Lo play their part too. Have a great week.

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Alan Braxe & Fred Falke – Intro (2000)


Alan Braxe & Fred Falke

In 1998, Alan Braxe struck up a successful partnership with Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter. Together under the name Stardust, they scored a crossover hit with the daddy of all filter sounds ‘Music Sounds Better with You’. Two years later, he had teamed up with Fred Falke and released the single ‘Running’. The first side featured the killer ‘Intro’. He had the French Touch. Have a great week.

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9 of the best – house tracks of all time

The original one …

Mr. Fingers ‎- Can You Feel It (1986)

The techno one …

Rhythim Is Rhythim – Strings of Life (1987)

The piano one …

Smallage – Together (1990)

The progressive one …

Slam – Eterna (1991)

The ambient-techno one …

Coco Steel & Lovebomb – Feel It (1992)

The garage vocal one …

Meli’sa Morgan – Still In Love With You (1992)

The experimental one …

Future Sound of London – Papua New Guinea (1992)

The filtered one …

Pépé Bradock & The Grand Brûlé’s Choir – Deep Burnt (1999)

The relatively recent one …

Sébastien Tellier – La Ritournelle (2004)


And there you have it, three of the tracks are from 1992 – the highest peak in my view of the vinyl mountains.

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George Morel – Let’s Groove (1993)


George Morel

Trax, Champion, Warp, Junior Boy’s Own… this week has turned into a roll call of some of the seminal, early house record labels. Alarmingly conspicuous by its absence, Strictly Rhythm was integral to the development of the house music that Trax, D.J. International and Transmat had placed at the dance floor altar. By 1993, the culmination of all this artistry was to feature as the final track on George Morel’s Grooves Pt 4. ‘Let’s Groove’ was a high-water mark in progressive house music. Incidentally, it was in 1993 that my interest in the scene tailed off, only for it to return with the release of Etienne De Crécy’s Super Discount and all that French filter house that followed. This has been fun – have a great weekend!

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Róisín Murphy – Overpowered (2007)


Roisin Murphy

I was never a fan of Moloko’s brand of pop house, but one half of the duo is Róisín Murphy; and she’s a bonafide pop chanteuse. So, I am only half surprised by how I enjoy ‘Overpowered’ as much as I dislike ‘Sing It Back’. But then this is electro-disco with vocals, lashings of 303 acid and a side order of filter house. What is there not to like?

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Pépé Bradock & The Grand Brûlé’s Choir – Deep Burnt (1999)

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Pépé Bradock

In 1999, at the height of the French invasion of dance music, Pépé Bradock did this. ‘Deep Burnt’ is the deepest of house tunes, cooking up Freddie Hubbard’s ‘Little Sunflower’, and laced with oodles of filter disco. The result is hypnotic. Enjoy and have a good week.

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Marcus Marr – The Music (2013)

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Marcus Marr

Steve Winwood’s single ‘While You See a Chance’ is not an obvious reference ground. So, Marcus Marr, you get double points from me for ‘The Music’ and its homage to his synthesised treatment of an otherwise vapid song. And what’s more, that filter, those snares, and the Daft Punk echoes sound nothing like the pandemic ‘Call On Me’ which Eric Prydz had found in earlier Winwood outing ‘Valerie’. A nu-disco anthem.

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Layo & Bushwacka – Love Story (2002)

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Layo & Bushwacka

Select Nina Simone loop – CHECK. Ibiza rhythm – CHECK. Filter treatment – CHECK. Classic house sample – CHECK. Complementary video – WHOOOAAA, what went wrong there? If its black comedy, I don’t get it. The sheer quality of the track is just about enough to carry me through the visual famine. A tongue-in-cheek interpretation of a Daft Punk video is as complimentary as I can be.

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Daft Punk – Digital Love (2001)

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In 1998, Stardust was teaching us that the ‘Music Sounds Better with You’ and The Tamperer was asking ‘What’s she gonna look like with a chimney on her?’. By 2005, Madonna was mining “filter disco” to death with her album Confessions on a Dance Floor and its lead single ‘Hung Up’. But in between, Modjo, Roger Sanchez and Daft Punk refined the perfect filter sound. In fact, the Daft Punk’s Bangalter was part of the Stardust project which helped establish this hybrid of dance music. Using a muffled sound, seemingly recorded underwater, production would layer it with disco loops over and over until boom, a surge of bass would appear. There is no better example of this than 2001’s Daft Punk’s ‘Digital Love’. The nods to ELO & Buggles help of course.  Veridis Quo!

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