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Desire – Under Your Spell (2009)

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In 2009, Chromatics’ Johnny Jewel and Nat Walker teamed up with vocalist Megan Louise to become Desire. Their debut album II was released on Italians Do It Better and explores the synthpop typical of Jewel’s label. The standout song ‘Under Your Spell’ would then appear as a centrepiece sound in the 2011 movie Drive.

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Kavinsky feat. Lovefoxxx – Nightcall (2010)


Vincent Pierre Claude Belorgey

Also known by the slightly cooler stage name Kavinsky, Vincent Belorgey knows a thing or two about projecting an image. His track ‘Nightcall’ is so perfectly pitched as electroclash-indie synthwave pop (or whatever they are calling the modern take on 1980s electronica) that is was selected as the signature track for Nicolas Winding Refn’s nostalgic movie Drive in all its 1980s neon. The enrolment of CSS’s Lovefoxxx was a nice touch too. Have a great week.

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The Cars – Double Life (1979)

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If UK radio play was a reflection of a band’s output, The Cars were a one hit wonder. ‘Drive’ and its prominence at Live Aid 1985 guaranteed that. But Cars were so much more – particularly on the other side of the pond. ‘Double Life’, ‘Let’s Go’ and ‘It’s All I Can Do’ from their sophomore long player Candy-O built on the masterstokes of their self-titled debut album. It sounded like a New Wave take on Rock’n’Roll. The options for image were the album cover or a close up of Ric Ocasek. I chose the album.

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