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The Kinks – Strangers (1970)


Beloved by diehard Kinks fans, ‘Strangers’ featured on their 1970 LP¬†Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround, Part One, but was never released as a single. The Dave Davies line “If I live too long, I’m afraid I’ll die” was inspired by his old school friend George Harris. They were going to start a band, but Harris succumbed to bad habits and eventually died of a meth overdose. “Strangers on this road we are on/we are not two we are one.”

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The Kinks – Death Of A Clown (1967)


Dave Davies

On The Jam’s All Mod Cons, English Rose‘¬†followed their rendition of ‘David Watts’. But on The Kinks‘ 1967 album Something Else, the original Mr. Watts was succeeded by ‘Death Of A Clown’. In 1994, I took a train home from London Waterloo. It was late and I’d had a skin full. I park myself and sitting right opposite me is Ray Davies. After convincing myself it was true, I told him how much I loved his work. He thanked me and I inferred that he (and his female companion) would just love to chat. I recall telling him how much I liked the “that song… you know, the one about the clown”. I was not at my most lucid. He said he didn’t know what I was talking about. I’ve since realised that this was one of the few songs written by his oft-feuding brother Dave. And to make things worse, I’d selected a song in which Ray’s first wife sings the supporting vocals. The sun set on my Waterloo conversation.

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