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Al Green – I’m Still In Love With You (1972)


‘I’m Still in Love with You’ is the title track off Al Green’s fifth studio album, released in October 1972. Both the song and the album were produced by Willie Mitchell. The combination was deep, complex and soulful. Next week, I will feature a single sound before a summer hiatus over August. It better be a good one. Have a great weekend.

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Al Green – Love And Happiness (1972)


Al Green again

It’s the weekend. Well almost. ‘Love and Happiness’ featured on Al Green’s 1972 long player I’m Still in Love with You. It was released as a single on London Records in 1973 this side of the pond, a few years later stateside. Green had come a long way since his 1967 debut Back Up Train. The open secret was the voice.

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Meli’sa Morgan – Still In Love With You (1992)

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‘I’m Still in Love With You’ was originally recorded by Al Green in 1972. 20 years later, its title lyric was given a Masters at Work makeover. The MAW garage-house production team of ‘Little’ Louie Vega and Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez were in the early days of a grand rise though the echelons of dance music. Before Gonzalez’s work with The Bucketheads and MAW’s Nuyorican Soul project of the late 1990s, the team worked together on this Meli’sa Morgan garage classic. As good as her vocals are, this track is all about the remix – it set the bar.

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Al Green – Tired Of Being Alone (1972)

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Written and sung by Al Green, ‘Tired of Being Alone’ is a soul classic. Released on the 1971 album, Al Green Gets Next to You, the song would clearly set out his emotions. In 1979, Green was no longer alone, but the soul scene would lose one of its star performers. After falling off a stage in Cincinnati, Al Green would infer that this was a message from above and duly found God. He then turned his attention towards the church.

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