Japan ‎- Quiet Life (1980)


Formed in Catford in 1974, Japan comprised David Sylvian on vocals, his brother Steve Jansen on drums, Richard Barbieri on keyboards, Mick Karn on saxophone/bass and Rob Dean on guitar. These glam rockers were influenced by artists like T. Rex, Roxy Music, David Bowie and Lou Reed, all eminently unfashionable by the time the band hit their stride during the UK punk era. But their fortunes turned around with the emergence of the New Romantic movement. Suddenly their androgynous image and the addition of synthesisers made them cool. Success followed, and it, in turn, poisoned the relationship between Karn and Sylvian; Japan split in late 1982. The title track off their 1980 long player Quiet Life is where this change started.

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2 thoughts on “Japan ‎- Quiet Life (1980)

  1. John Barker says:

    A Very Much Loved Classic. Bought the single from the bargain bin in John Menzies, Oswestry. Got home to find it had the A and B side (“A Foreign Place”) labelled the wrong way around. Probably worth a fortune now as a mis-press, but sadly no longer mine.

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