Beastie Boys – Shake Your Rump (1989)


The Beastie Boys 1989

The Mothership got me thinking about the masters of talking shit… Ad-Rock, Mike D and MCA. (It doesn’t take much.) After the highly stylised Licensed to Ill, it would have been easy to see the Beasties become a gimmick and parody of themselves. But no; they moved themselves to the Pacific Coast, hooked up with the Dust Brothers and went long with a little timely reinvention. ‘Shake Your Rump’ may sound like another ‘Hold It Now, Hit It’, but notice how sophisticated the samples had become – there’s a cuíca in there FFS. And while Ad-Rock may have included more rhymes than Jamaica got mangoes, MCA’s delivery goes up a notch. ‘Shake Your Rump’ featured on the imperious Paul’s Boutique.

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