Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean? (2015)


Justin Bieber

Well here is something I would have never had expected to do. Last week, I castigated EDM. But under the tutelage of the EDM shamen Diplo and Skrillex, the genre has reignited the career of Justine Bieber. Cause for rejoice? Well maybe not, but like every radio station on the planet, I think it might be remiss not to give credit where credit is due. Where the EDM anthem of the summer, Jack Ɯ’s ‘Where Are Ɯ Now’, may have reinvented Mr Bieber, it is in fact the light groove of ‘What Do You Mean?’ that has to be one of the standout pop sounds of the year. I recall when hip hop producers The Neptunes and Timbaland gave Justin Timberlake a makeover a decade or so ago – there’s nothing like a great pop song to wipe the slate clean. Have a good week.

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4 thoughts on “Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean? (2015)

  1. Lex says:

    Obviously I assumed this was a joke, but you assured me this was a great track. I just listened to at least half of it and it’s the most dreadful manufactured saccharine pop imaginable. I still think you’re having a joke though – because you’re a friend.

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