Phuture – Acid Tracks (1987)


Nathaniel Pierre Jones

The original aciiid house sound, bubbling with a 303 synthesiser bassline. By 1985, it was evident that Roland has failed in creating a synth to rival the Fender bass guitar. The lack of an English language instruction manual had not helped. So, DJ Pierre was able to walk into a Chicago thrift store and pick up a secondhand one for just $50. Together with Earle Smith and Nathaniel Jones, he formed Phuture and created a new subgenre of house music with the legendary ‘Acid Tracks’.

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3 thoughts on “Phuture – Acid Tracks (1987)

    • A quote from DJ Pierre…

      Spanky said “Oh, I found it in the secondhand shop, come over. I’m trying to figure out how to programme this thing.” So, I came over to his house, and he already had a beat plan, but we didn’t know how to programme it. We had it synched up, and it was playing some stuff, and I started just tweaking knobs and turning stuff, and Spanky was like, “Woah woah woah. Keep doing that, keep doing that.” So, I kept twisting knobs, and the next thing you know, we were there for like an hour or two, just twisting knobs and programming things. The funny thing is, that first day, we made “Acid Tracks”. It was quite spiritual, to be honest. It was like, that 303 and I connected, in a way that I had never connected to a piece of equipment before. Looking back on it, for sure, that machine gave us a start in a sound into this world”

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