Haircut 100 – Lemon Firebrigade (1982)


Haircut 100 1982

A glimmer of 1982 always gives me the opportunity of featuring a little more Haircut 100 – one of this blogger’s guilty pleasures. It was the year they released their debut and only real oeuvre Pelican West. The long player is probably best know for a classic trio of new wave singles ‘Love Plus One’, ‘Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)’ and ‘Fantastic Day’. But that does not go deep enough for me. ‘Lemon Firebrigade’ is a highlight arrangement of their form of jazzy blue-eyed new wave pop, but with a spoonful of calypso thrown in for good measure. The sound of a 1980s beach, a year before Club Tropicana.

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2 thoughts on “Haircut 100 – Lemon Firebrigade (1982)

  1. davesmuses says:

    Yep, love this track. Very soulful and perfect for this sunny weather. You’re right about the Club Tropicana feel – maybe George was a fan too!

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