Elkin & Nelson – Jibaro (1974)


Elkin & Nelson

In 1988, London Records’ Full Frequency Range Recordings released Balearic Beats – Vol. 1, a compilation of the type of music that Paul Oakenfold had been propagating in London following his regular trips to Ibiza. Spectrum would become the London club night to hear these sounds (dressed in day-glo, of course). The first track on the album was Electra’s version of ‘Jibaro’, an amazingly uplifting latin disco number. The original had been produced some 15 years earlier by Colombian brothers Javier and Leon Marin Velez (aka Elkin & Nelson). Come on, let’s all do the conga. Have a good week.

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2 thoughts on “Elkin & Nelson – Jibaro (1974)

  1. JB says:

    What a great choice to start the week with. I had only previously heard (and loved) the Electra version from 1988, but it makes sense that it was a cover. The whole album of Balearic Beats Vol 1 was terrific (although sadly very difficult to get hold of now).

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