Public Enemy – Bring The Noise (1987)


Public Enemy w:Flav

I found myself watching Hot Tub Time Machine while on holiday. An unremarkable film with some amusing 1980s revivalism going on. Its soundtrack features Public Enemy’s ‘Louder Than A Bomb’ which I hadn’t heard for an age and a day. It sounds like an edit of the sublime ‘Bring The Noise’. I don’t recall thinking the same in 1988. Their sophomore LP It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back was so completely influential – everything on the album seemed to break new ground. Nothing more so than the impact of ‘Bring The Noise’: the sirens, the funk samples, Flav’s interruptions, the drum machines, Terminator X’s scratching, Chuck D’s heroic hexameters – the result of all this complexity was utterly brilliant.

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2 thoughts on “Public Enemy – Bring The Noise (1987)

  1. DJ PJ says:

    Plus video containing footage from Hammersmith Odeon and the maestro that is Westwood, fantastic!

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