Modern Lovers – Roadrunner (1972)


Modern Lovers

The Velvet Underground‘s ‘Sister Ray’ is an oft cacophonous, but always influential, song. Reputedly named after Ray Davies, the 1968 song about transvestites, drugs and debauchery may well have given the more mainstream Davies the confidence to tackle the former topic in ‘Lola’. Its sound certainly gave VU fan, and Modern Lovers patriarch, Jonathan Richman the inspiration to pen the three-chord classic ‘Roadrunner’. There have been many versions and covers of ‘Roadrunner’, but this John Cale production is one of the earliest – a proto-punk classic at a time when others were playing and listening to glam and prog. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

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2 thoughts on “Modern Lovers – Roadrunner (1972)

  1. JB says:

    Good choice today. Love this. Didn’t realise before seeing the picture that Jerry Harrison (later of Talking Heads’ fame) was one of the Modern Lovers.

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