Parliament – Night Of The Thumpasorus People (1975)

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George Clinton

After Funkadelic’s ‘Cosmic Slop‘, George Clinton’s collective Parliament-Funkadelic put a concerted effort into stretching the boundaries of funk. Two different styles of funk, the outputs of Parliament and Funkadelic were operating in parallel. In 1975, Parliament began to explore something far more conceptual than Funkadelic. With the long player Mothership Connection, P-Funk was born. Musicians were switching between the bands and so adopted pseudonyms for contractual reasons. Dr. Funkenstein and his merry men seemed to revel in the pantomime. Full of lyrical nonsense and psychedelic funk, ‘Night Of The Thumpasorus People’ is the victorious final track on the album. In 1992, The Black Crowes would use the funk hook at 40secs to great effect in their rock’n’roll classic ‘Remedy’, going to show how space exploration can bring everyone together.

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