Pulp – Babies (1992)

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Jarvis Cocker

Unquestionably Pulp’s best song, ‘Babies’ sounds like New Order until Jarvis Cocker opens his mouth. What comes out then is, well, nothing like Bernard Sumner. “I only went with her cause she looked like you.” A pathetically real tale of teenage love and sex is wrapped in an anthem so appealing, that it was released, remixed and ultimately re-released to great acclaim as part of the 1994 album His ‘n’ Hers. It had found its time… this was the year that Blur’s Parkside was released and everybody was mocking their own youth. The plethora of anthems that was Britpop… “Yeah yeah yeah.”

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2 thoughts on “Pulp – Babies (1992)

  1. DJ PJ says:

    It’s good, it’s very good, but not necessarily the best. THere’s so much yummy goodness on Different Class even discounting the two monster hits from it.

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