Pavement – Gold Soundz (1994)

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Pavement blue

During my formative years, I thought that UK output in most music scenes was comparable to, and often better than, their US counterparts. But in the early nineties, and certainly prior to the 1995 release of The Bends by Radiohead, rock music was US-defined. During this time, UK creativity seemed to be channeled through dance music. Nirvana’s 1991 release of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ was a game changer, but it was Pavement‘s output between 1992-94 that was most impressive to these ears. ‘Gold Soundz’ was the second single from their second long player, Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain. It reminisces about those gold sounds; I am nostalgic for its sound.

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2 thoughts on “Pavement – Gold Soundz (1994)

  1. Andy Leon says:

    They sound a lot like The Thrills, especially in Big Sur. Anyone else think the same?

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