Muse – Knights of Cydonia (2006)

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Firstly, I should get off my chest that I am no blind fan of Muse. However, I just spent an evening with some friends during which I was witness to a level of childish banter that drew me to some early passions. As a young lad, two of my great loves were westerns movies and Queen. Therefore, who am I to criticise Muse’s ‘Knights of Cydonia’ from Black Holes and Revelations? After about four minutes, Matt Bellamy pauses on the vocals to produce a guitar solo that just rocks out. Brian May would have been proud. Ennio Morricone would have wanted more harmonica.

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3 thoughts on “Muse – Knights of Cydonia (2006)

  1. mark sherrell says:

    FINALLY some Muse…..!!

  2. […] watched and greatly enjoyed the Tarantino movie Django Unchained last week. (Fans of the Knights of Cydonia video will revel in it.) Jamie Foxx’s transition from slave into freed ‘valet in […]

  3. DJ PJ says:

    Always taken these guys a bit too seriously. This video is quite amusing and gives a whole new outlook. Spinal Tap would be proud

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