Manuel Göttsching – Ruhige Nervosität (1984)

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Manuel Göttsching

‘Sueño Latino’ by Sueño Latino is a classic italo house track from 1989. It was a hit across many European dance floors that year and would play a lead role in defining the early ambient sounds of Ibiza. Yet, it was itself a resurrection of another synthesizer classic. Manuel Göttsching originally recorded his album E2-E4 in Berlin in 1981. Although the album is one continuous piece of ambience, the enclosed YouTube link features the opening part ‘Ruhige Nervosität’. Sueño Latino fans will immediately recognise that familiar balearic sound. Have a great weekend.

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3 thoughts on “Manuel Göttsching – Ruhige Nervosität (1984)

  1. Marv says:

    I like this fact that I found “I think it´s … likely he used the Prophet 10 [sythesiser] for E2-E4, triggering the internal Polysequencer from the EKO Compute Rhythm. Perhaps he also used the arpeggiator of the Polysix for some additional lines”. He also used a guitar. Groundbreaking electronic music.

  2. DJPJ says:

    I thought I would like this much more than I actually did. Sueno Latino is an absolute nailed on classic…this is a blissed out base for someone to add the ingredients to make up a House masterpiece. Nice of him to oblige

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