Peter Bjorn & John – Young Folks (2006)

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Although Michael Nesmith penned the song, The Monkees were not the first to record ‘Mary, Mary’. That had been the original, less remarkable version by The Butterfield Blues Band for their 1966 album, East-West (which does contain a classic – the blues harmonica of ‘Work Song‘). In 1968, The Monkees would record the song themselves, and 20 years later, it would feature on Ultimate Break and Beats (1986) and be covered by Run-DMC (1988). The street-side attraction was Micky Dolenz’s drum intro from The Monkees’ version. Another 20 years later, the drum break would become an indie crossover as the basis of ‘Young Folks’, a 2006 hit by Swedish band Peter Bjorn & John.

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