D.C. LaRue – Indiscreet (1977)


In 1977, David Charles L’Heureux released his second long player, The Tea Dance. Nestled in amongst some pretty average disco beats is this workout that would go on to become a cult classic b-boy break. Once ‘Indiscreet’ had featured on BreakBeat Lou Flores and Lenny Roberts’ influential Ultimate Break and Beats compilation in 1986, its status was secured. Suddenly the track was keeping much better company, including The Monkees’ ‘Mary Mary’ and The Winstons’ ‘Amen, Brother’… sources for two of the most sampled breakbeats of all time.

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3 thoughts on “D.C. LaRue – Indiscreet (1977)

  1. DJPJ says:

    Mess of a tune. What were people thinking?!!

  2. […] In 1968, The Monkees would record the song themselves, and 20 years later, it would feature on Ultimate Break and Beats (1986) and be covered by Run-DMC (1988). The street-side attraction was Micky Dolenz’s drum […]

  3. […] (Kool & The Gang’s ‘Jungle Jazz’ sample, the archetypal use of the Amen break, the intriguing Josie and the Pussycat feature) in favour of something a little closer to home […]

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