Mansun – Wide Open Space (1996)

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Now I’m getting carried away … one more rock out before miscellany returns. 1997 was an astonishing year for British bands.  Radiohead, Spiritualized, The Verve, Supergrass and Prodigy would all release their defining albums – a creative nirvana that drew the best out of all those around. Mansun’s debut long player, Attack of the Grey Lantern, was one such treat. Opening with cinematic/John Barry overtures of ‘The Chad Who Loved Me’, the unconventional album built up impressively to the glory of ‘Wide Open Space’, which had been released as a single a year earlier. Paul Oakenfold would go on to chop up Paul Draper’s distinctive voice and darkly comic lyrics into a crossover dance anthem.

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5 thoughts on “Mansun – Wide Open Space (1996)

  1. DJ PJ says:

    Had this on a tape followed by Embrace’s All you good good people. In fact I remember playing it on a dukebox in the Nell Gwynne on The Strand one Guinness soaked night. All good stuff….ahhh

  2. […] have already blogged excitement about how 1997 was a vintage year in UK rock music. The Good Will Out was the debut album by Embrace and its start is marked by the […]

  3. THE most underrated band EVER.

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