The Kinks – Sitting in My Hotel (1972)

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Off the Kinks’ superb-but-often-overlooked 1972 album, Everybody’s in Show-Biz, ‘Sitting in My Hotel’ draws on Ray Davies’ life as a performer and the reality of chauffeur-driven jam jars and lonely hotel rooms. Quite beautiful. Have a great weekend.

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9 thoughts on “The Kinks – Sitting in My Hotel (1972)

  1. Morris Lan says:

    You´re right, one of the most beautiful and overlooked songs by The Kinks! Ray Davies at his best!

  2. Ed says:

    It’s funny how we KinksLinks thinks the same at the same time. It took me/us a while to digest the superb “deluxe” versions of the albums up through Arthur (if the truth be known, I think Kinda Kinks should be a cult classic with the treatment it was given). I finally got around last month to really sit down and listen to a song like Plastic Man to appreciate the brilliant tunesmith and arrangement underlying the pretty mean lyrics. The ultimately untrue rumor of Lola and Muswell’s “deluxe” issues never came about….so I was wanting. Then YESTERDAY, the day before Emlen’s posting of your blog, my iPod shuffle played Unreal Reality…which caused me to revisit ALL aspects of Everybody’s in Showbiz. It was my third purchased Kinks’ album after Kinks’ Kronikles and the first Preservation Album, so it took me by surprise. I am just turning 56 (freshmen in HS then), so I had missed most all of their crucial work in the early sixties. Anyway, to make a long short story shorter: the studio cuts of Everybody’s in Showbiz turn out to be the missing kink from Lola/Muswell that I was craving!
    Take care, Ed

    • George says:

      I too thought Kinda Kinks was a better lp than it’s reputation states. It contained one of Ray’s best folk ballads Nothing In The World Can Stop Me Worryin’ “bout That Girl.But the album does sound rushed.To me Everybody’s In Showbiz (with the exception of Celluloid Heroes) was their worst release.The live side represents the bands college years very well but is very poorly edited.

    • Dr. Syn says:

      I don’t know that deluxe editions of “Lola vs Powerman” and “Muswell Hillbillies” have been canceled – just delayed.

  3. joachim says:

    In my opinion Everybody’s in Showbiz is a very great album of the Kinks. I think there is a mistake in considering highlights only the 60’s Kinks albums.

  4. Ralph says:

    Most under=rated Kinks song of all time: “Full Moon”…everything from the background vocals (which practically make the song) to the melody to the general feel…wow, can still close my eyeds and just drift during this song…

  5. George says:

    Yeah!Full Moon and Stormy Sky should have been a single ( a side/b side).Both very moody songs.Almost Eerie.

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