Lyn Collins – Think (About It) (1972)

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Up there with some key grooves from Ann Sexton, Marlena Shaw and the Jackson Sisters, this song from the Female Preacher forms the cream of female funk. Mama Feelgood’s (oh to have two pseudonyms) ‘Think (About It)’ was produced and co-written by James Brown, released on his People Records and featured instrumental backing from his band The J.B.’s. The track’s prominent line “It Takes Two…” loops in Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock’s track of the same name. In fact, with Brown’s ‘Funky Drummer’, it must be one of the most sampled tracks of all time. Have a funky week my friends!

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One thought on “Lyn Collins – Think (About It) (1972)

  1. DJ PJ says:

    Awesome beats. The track itself now sounds disjointed almost because of the amount of sampling it has been used for but effortless vocals make it wonderful to listen to.

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